Sunday, August 19, 2012

Simply Betty Tumbling Buddy 2!!

Hi everybody!! I know I'm still alive yes!! I just have been having such a hectic time right now that my poor little blog is so lonely 8(
Now to happy stuff!! If this is your first stop don't worry!! just go back to  Betty's page so you won't miss out on the fun. Today I'm excited to show you all what my tumbling buddy Sharette has sent me, she is a sweetheart!
Here is most of the goodies!!

A close up of my empty sour patch box (thanks brother!) and there was also one of starburst but it was stolen by my young nephews before I could open it!!

I love flowers!!

Wonderful socks for the cold weather (I Love purple!!)

And finally a beautiful card using Betty stamps!!! One day I shall learn how to color hair like that!!

I hope you enjoyed my little show. Stop by Betty's store if you want something cute, funky, awesome, different, unique in your stamp collection. I will see you all again soon for a 3rd tumbling hop!!

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